The government has offered civil servants a 50% cushioning allowance for the month of July and salary increments of ZW$116 from August to December, but representatives of the workers rejected the proposal and immediately declared incapacitation.


The offer was made during a meeting of the National Joint Negotiating Council on Tuesday attended by representatives of government and the Apex Council.

“The government offered 50% of our total earnings as a cushion allowance for July only. From August to December civil servants will then get ZW$180 million translating to ZW$116 per individual. Through the mandate given by the membership, Apex Council rejected the offer as it could not even attempt to address the basic needs of the civil servants to necessitate duty execution,” Apex organising secretary Charles Chinosengwa said.

Chinosengwa said civil servants were now incapacitated as their salaries have been eroded following the recent scrapping of the multi-currency regime.

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“The government team, therefore, pleaded to Apex Council leadership to give them a chance to go and consult with their principals,” he said.

“In this regard, civil servants under Apex Council have duly declared incapacitation.”

The National Joint Negotiating Council meeting came a few hours after the Apex Council presented a petition to government where they were demanding civil servants salaries to be restored to at least the equivalent of US$475 using the interbank rate.

At the prevailing rate, the civil servants said they should be paid around ZW$4 750.