By David P Carroll

Our world has changed

Like never before and

We live in a scary

World today and

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It’s so different than

Before there’s

No more hugs kissing and

Our happiness has all gone away

And like never before

This killer virus has taken our

Loved ones away

Families suffering

Like never before

The fear of the unknown

Has arrived but

May you be strong in life

And strengthen the weak

And encourage the fearful

And calm the horrible coronavirus storm

And pray for the suffering every day

As we practice social distancing

Every day to keep this horrible virus

At bay and I join the priests to pray for the suffering today Sheltered from the coronavirus storm Lord Jesus Christ stay in my heart every day And deliver us all from this evil in life And glory to the heavenly Father And God have mercy on the dying And I promise you all I’ll love and Pray for everyone who’s suffering From coronavirus every day.