Staff Reporter – The Zimbabwe Daily

Harare, Zimbabwe – The much anticipated July 31 protests which were running under the Poverty Liberation Movement (PLM) have failed to take place.

Since morning, people are being driven out of major cities and roads have been barricaded and there is a huge police and army presence in most of the metros.

Dr. Shingi Munyeza, a member of the Presidential Advisory Committee said the government had not done much to alleviate the wellbeing of the citizens.

“I support any Constitutional right that supports citizens I also detest police brutality. However, the 2017 coup didn’t change the centre of power hence, the citizens are still suffering. The elites in our country including myself have stood on the sidelines and have used the masses it’s time we come to the centre of the cause,” said Dr. Munyeza.

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Piers Pigou, Crisis Group’s Senior Consultant for southern Africa said the turmoil in the country was getting out of hand.

“The reforms are failing to get adequate traction. The repressive era of security forces is still continuing.

Yesterday the police raided the house of Zimlive editor, Mduduzi Mathuthu prior to that, we also witnessed the arrest of investigative journalist, Hopewell Chino’no due to corruption exposé. The law is used at containing and suppressing voices.

It would take severe violence and blood on the floor for SADC to take the issue seriously. The critique is largely muted, no one is going to come from outside to rescue Zimbabwe,” said Pigou.