Staff Reporter – The Zimbabwe Daily

Harare, Zimbabwe – The MDC Alliance Youth Assembly is calling upon members of the armed forces to join tomorrow’s nationwide protests.

Although the government has deemed the much anticipated nationwide protests as illegal, the protests will go ahead as envisaged by the Poverty Liberty Movement.

“It is public knowledge that you, our esteemed members of the police force and the army are earning peanuts.

Let it be known to you that your situation is not natural but a deliberate creation of an evil system that is corrupt.

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We know that most of you are young people who joined the uniformed forces for the love of the country and to serve your people.

Moreso, we also understand that besides serving your country, you deserve food on your table for the upkeep of your families.

We want to make it clear that we feel your pain and abuse at the hands of a corrupt regime.

It is against this background that you as young people must stand with the people on 31 July.

Let us speak the same language with the people against corruption and be on the right side of history,” said Stephen Chuma, national spokesperson of the MDC Alliance Youth Assembly.