AFRO-FUSION song bird Hope Masike who recently staged a show with Korean outfit — Beautiful Mind Charity — said collaborations across cultures were important because they helped artistes to understand and appreciate each other more.


The Kwira Gomo hit maker told Newsday Life & Style that learning music culture from other countries helped broaden artiste’s creativity.

“The Korean outfit I collaborated with is called Beautiful Mind Charity, a charitable band of highly professional, world class musicians. We were introduced to each other by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. Music-wise, collaborations such as these expand a musician’s knowledge by exposing them to different world music. The Orient has a music style that is quite significantly different from ours here in southern Africa. Learning more music from other music cultures broadens our tool boxes,” she said.

Masike — who is set to launch her fourth album titled Exorcism of a Spinster on July 26 — said collaborations were important in that they enhanced the musicians and listeners of each other’s culture.

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“Collaborations always help us in the cultural diplomacy sense, as with this particular concert that was even themed The Friendship Concert in celebration of 25 years of diplomatic relations between Zimbabwe and the Republic of Korea. Collaborations across cultures or countries help us — the musicians plus our audiences — understand and appreciate each other more, despite our differences,” she said.

Masike said over the past seven years, she had been building her career and the investment of time will reflect in her forthcoming album.

“Throughout my career, I have never stopped creative output of one kind or the other. I am as much a touring artiste as I am a recording artiste, which means for significant parts of the year, I am on the road. Within the past six years, while investing in producing a good quality album, I was touring the world quite a lot and these experiences have contributed to the sound and feel of Exorcism of a Spinster,” she said

Masike has previously released the albums Mbira Love and Chocolate (2009) and the self-titled Hope (2012).