AMERICAN online ride-hailing service, inDriver, has begun recruiting local drivers for its service ahead of launch in Zimbabwe towards month end.

The inDriver application allows drivers to apply for registration and passengers to negotiate fares with drivers.

“We want the passengers and drivers to determine independently and directly a fair and favourable price for each route. In inDriver it is up to each driver to
take a ride request, skip it or send a counter offer. We want to give the power of setting prices back into the hands of passengers and drivers. As a result,
drivers will be able to get higher income while enjoying more transparency and flexibility,” said inDriver marketing director Egor Fedorov, in a statement

InDriver was founded in 2012 with US$15 million in seed capital.

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The online hailing service is headquartered in New York, United States, and has more than 26 million users throughout the world.

In Africa, the company is already operating in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

The firm joins a growing market for ride-hailing services which includes operators such as Cassava Smartech’s Vaya, Toda and Hwindi.