Zimbabwe was once the breadbasket of Africa. Well, not really. Zimbabwe inherited the breadbasket of Africa status from Rhodesia i.e., Ian Smith. The Mugabe regime tried to maintain the glory that the white minority government had left shining on the country. However, faster than a bolt of lightning, they proved all doubters correct. Zanu-PF has no idea how to run a prosperous economy.

Zanu-PF has been in charge of Zimbabwe for 42 years and dreams of holding onto power for even longer. This would not be a problem if they were bringing prosperity to the country, but the reality is that Zanu-PF has run down the country and its recovery will not possible under their stewardship. Time after time, Zanu-PF have proved to the world over that they only have a talent for corruption at utter brutality.

Furthermore, Zanu-PF has proven that they are good at perpetuating excuses rather than producing solutions to fix the country and let it prosper as it was under the white minority rule. Hate him or not, Ian Smith made a prosperous country and Rhodesians were proud of their country.

Zimbabwe now being run by ED is an embarrassment that many Zimbabwe are weary to be associated with it. Zanu-PF has forced numerous citizens to live in the diaspora, with most choosing not to return to Zimbabwe unless they have visa issues or some nostalgia that is soon washed away by the reality on the ground.

As far as it stands, things will never improve. Zanu-PF does not know how to run a country. ED hired a well know and established economist in Mthuli Ncube, but he has failed to turn the ship around because Zanu-PF is toxic and can never fix the problems that it created.

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If Zanu-PF remains in charge, Zimbabwe will never see brighter days. The time for a change in Zimbabwe is long overdue but it will need a greater national awakening. For this to be successful, Zimbabweans need to ween themselves off Zanu-PF. Whether this happens, remains to be seen. The CCC opposition is popular but remains an unattractive alternative even though the future of Zimbabwe under Zanu-PF is gloomy.