HARD work and perseverance have paid off for Bulawayo artiste Xolani “X-Mile” Ndlovu who is set to launch his debut video — Qamazing (Fascinating) — on Saturday at Roots, Ascot Shopping Centre.

X-Mile, an Afro-pop artiste, songwriter and composer, told Southern Eye Life & Style, he felt it was now time for him to have a music video after concentrating on live performances all along.

“I decided to press a pause button and take a chill for a while so that I can work on my craft. Qamazing is one of the many fruits I bore from that. I was
driven by the fact that many people don’t take time to appreciate their loved ones until they don’t have them anymore,” he said.

X-Mile said the visuals in the video have an interesting storyline and the scenes were shot in different locations in Bulawayo.

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“So this is such a huge and positive step for me because the single is not only being released as just an audio, but it’s coming with visuals. The visuals in
the video will be interesting in a sense that the song itself is a love song,” he said.

“At the same time it’s about appreciating someone special and one can have their own interpretation of the song.”

X-Mile said Qamazing means more than just amazing and the ‘Q’ was extracted from his native Ndebele language.

“It is a clique that puts together two languages, English and Ndebele, and it’s a way of discouraging racial, tribal and language divisions. It’s a way of promoting unity among us. We are like a rainbow, different colours but one bow, one people,” he said.

The musician said his fans should expect a celebration of a beautiful offering from X-Mile and an evening of interaction with fellow musicians, friends and family.

“Also a special thanks to those who gave their time to come and make this music video possible, including Dannie and Adrian Holland,” he said.