By Stephen Chadenga

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday capped a record 6 977 graduates at the Midlands State University, the biggest gathering in the history of the higher learning institution.

Addressing the 19th graduation ceremony, MSU vice-chancellor Victor Muzvidziwa said the graduates included 100 international students from predominantly southern African countries.

“Your Excellency and chancellor, we have 6 977 graduands,” he said.

“Of these, 3 348 are female and 3 629 are male. Nine hundred and ninety-eight are graduating with masters degrees and three are being awarded doctor of philosophy degrees. This is by far the largest graduation gathering in the history of the MSU.

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“Among those graduating today are 100 international students drawn from Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, South Sudan and Mozambique, and this is evidence we have
gradually spread wings in our international effort.”

Muzvidziwa said MSU’s strategic objective was to generate a problem-solving learner.

He said to achieve this, researchers had secured competitive domestic and international research grants.

“One of our key strategic objectives is to be a technologically driven research university and to generate problem solving innovations for commercialisation
and industrialisation,” he said.

Muzvidziwa said MSU had 15 active international grant-funded research projects