Director of Organs Resources Company, Korbs Korbie Mutandiro, who last year appeared in court on charges of swindling the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) of over US$1 million in a botched land deal is now embroiled in a nasty divorce with his estranged wife Lavin Chitsidzo Mutandiro.


Mutandiro instituted divorce proceedings against Lavin five year ago, accusing her of throwing him out of the matrimonial house, resulting in him losing love and affection for her.

In his declaration, Mutandiro said he moved out of the house on September 14, 2014 after Lavin locked him out and restricted him from accessing his matrimonial home, but his wife dismissed his claims, saying he voluntarily left due to his adulterous behaviour.

“While it is admitted that the marriage relationship has broken down as alleged, it is not true that defendant (Lavin) restricted plaintiff (Mutandiro) from accessing the matrimonial home by changing all locks to the house as alleged,” she said.

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“The reason why the relationship has broken down is that the plaintiff engaged in an adulterous relationship with a certain woman which led to a child being born on January 19, 2011. The plaintiff went to stay with the woman as husband and wife after defendant obtained an order of adultery damages against the woman under case number HC1873/14.”

Commenting on the distribution of property, Lavin said her husband had understated the number of their immovable properties.

“While it is admitted that the parties acquired the property listed, it must be noted that the plaintiff omitted to list two other immovable properties being house number 23 Sloane Road, Highlands, Harare…(which was lost in a civil dispute) and house number 18 Hodgson Avenue, Alexander Park registered under Morning Produce (Pvt) Ltd,” she said.
But, Mutandiro indicated that he has since formalised his adulterous relationship by customarily marrying the woman who led to the break-up of his family, adding he cannot move out of their Alexander Home because the property was his home.The matter is set to be heard by High Court judge Justice Ester Muremba on Thursday.