CIVIL society activist Dumisani Nkomo has said Zimbabwe needs “new politics” which is independent from the ruling Zanu PF, opposition MDC, Zapu and other political parties if the country is to progress.


Nkomo, who is also the chief executive officer of faith-based Habbakuk Trust, last week launched a book titled No Holds Barred, a collection of cutting-edge political articles he authored.

In an interview on the sidelines of the book launch, Nkomo stopped short of saying he was ready to join active politics, preferring to say “not now”.

“Everyone, according to the Constitution, has the right to political thought and writing is one way of expressing themselves. So I want to contribute towards the body of politics of the country, towards the body of knowledge in terms of ideas,” he said.

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“Again, we need a new politics instead of just partisan Zanu PF, MDC, MRP, Zapu and so forth. It must be a politics of ideas.

“That’s why I am saying let’s engage each other based on ideas, not just propaganda or slogans. If you ask an ordinary person what is the difference between MDC and Zanu PF they cannot tell, but that should be distinguishable through writing.”

When asked whether he was preparing to join active party politics, Nkomo said: “I consider myself an activist and I will see, not now, maybe, one day maybe … The objective of this book is not to build my career into politics, but contribute my ideas to the marketplace of ideas where ideas compete.”

Nkomo’s book covers various issues, but principally analyses citizens’ participation, elections, service delivery, the revival of Bulawayo, devolution and local governance.