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Tendai Gukutikwa Post Correspondent

A SAKUBVA woman lost property worth thousands of dollars after her neighbour torched her bedroom accusing her  of stealing her undergrments.

Lorraine Buwerimwe lost a double bed, blankets, duvets and other valuable items after Linda Mashingaidze allegedly went berserk and set her wooden cabin on fire following the alleged theft of underwear on Tuesday.

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part of the property — a mattress and blankets — salvaged from the fire

The incident occurred at No. 19A and 19B, OTS in Sakubva.

“Fortunately, we quickly put out the fire. The whole cabin could have been reduced to ashes,” said a neighbour, Polite Mupedzi.

When The Weekender caught up with the two women at the police station, Buwerimwe said there was bad blood between them.

“It all started when she accused me of stealing her pair of skin tights. She claimed that I had stolen them yet I had not, and I wondered why she kept accusing me. The misunderstanding got worse until  I sought a protection order against her.

“Last month, she assaulted me and rushed to the police to report the matter. My life has been a living hell because of this woman. I do not know what wrong I did to her to warrant this sort of treatment. She always  threatens to burn me alive and now she has burnt my house,” said Buwerimwe.

Mashingaidze denied ever burning the house saying instead it was she who had alerted neighbours to  the fire.