TALENTED local hip hop chanter Tinashe “Ti Gonzi” Gonzara has collaborated with veteran urban grooves musician Sanii Makhalima on his latest track, Devil is a Liar.

The offering, which was released late last week, has already received a fair share of airplay on local radio stations.

Ti Gonzi told NewsDay Life & Style that the move was part of his 2020 resolutions to appreciate God for his protection and guidance following his several near-death encounters last year.

“The song was inspired by the bad things I came across in my life that almost took my life, but God saved me. I realised that no being or spirit is more powerful than the Almighty. It is a different track because ever since my popularity I have never really done a gospel song that praises Jehovah and concentrated on it like this,” he said.

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The Kure hitmaker said he was happy to work with Makhalima because he was one of the artistes who always inspired him.

“Sanii Makhalima has been an inspiration to me ever since the urban grooves days. I have always cherished his voice since childhood, so I felt I needed to do a song with him. It so happened that I had to put him on a song I felt like he was the best candidate for.

He said themes on the track were centred on exalting the name of God and dealing with life struggles.

“The song will let the audience know that I am a serious Christian despite the faults I make because I am not perfect. They will know that God is the saviour no matter what, when he says yes, no one can say no.”

The new offering was recorded by Bilberry, his long-time producer, while Makhalima mixed his own vocals as well as some parts of the song. The rapper last year survived a car accident with some head injuries on his way to Masvingo where he was set to perform. He was also kidnapped and stabbed in Harare that same year.