CATHOLIC Bishops from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi have called for emergency relief and offered “solidarity and spiritual proximity” to the three countries in the wake of hunger, political challenges and other socio-economic challenges.

Speaking after the first consultative meeting of the Catholic Bishops of Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe last week in Lusaka, the bishops said the three countries were faced with almost similar problems socially, economically and politically, hence the need for emergency relief in the face of severe drought that threatens millions of people.

“We, the Catholic Bishops in the sub-region express our solidarity and spiritual proximity to the people of Zimbabwe who are experiencing continuing and chronic economic hardships and seemingly intractable governance conflicts,” partly reads the February 5 statement signed by Rt Reverend George Cosmas Zumaire Lungu of Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops, Most Reverend Thomas Luke Msusa of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi and Most Reverend Robert Ndlovu of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

“To the people of Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe who are experiencing hunger, we call for emergency relief support to the affected population.”

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The Bishops also called for peace following the nullification by the Supreme Court of the Malawi Presidential election results and call by the same for a fresh poll.

“We, the Catholic Bishops in the sub-region express our solidarity and spiritual proximity to the people of Malawi who are currently going through socio-political difficulties. We call upon them to maintain peace as relevant institutions are preparing for fresh elections.

“To the people of Zambia; we call for dialogue, peace and reconciliation among political leaders and other key stakeholders.”

There were also calls for prayer for Zambia and Malawi in the wake of loss of life as a result of alleged ritual or witchcraft related deaths.

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