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Of Zoey, pole dancing and bedroom lessons


PIONEERING pole dancer, Norleen “Zoey” Sifelani, is content with the results of her decision to expand her brief by offering sex lessons.

She recently added a massage parlour to her “sex school” based in Avondale, Harare, where she offers sex tutorials informed by the traditional Chinamwali practice where women are taught sex moves and positions to enhance their sex lives and relationships.

Sex tutorials

Zoey told NewsDay Life & Style that so far, she was happy with the results from the sex school.
“So far so good, both local and international women are coming for bedroom lessons and we are also offering our services at kitchen parties and other social gatherings that have anything to do with love and bedroom enhancement,” she said.

“I have taught a number of women with the help of my dancers since opening the academy and from the responses I am getting, women appreciate what I am doing for them. I am doing this to help fellow women who are in marriage. Women are supposed to be active during sex and that’s all I am teaching them.”

Brisk business

“The sex academy and massage parlour is paying more than the dancing profession as there are a number of ladies, who are hiring me in neighbouring countries like Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa to teach them how to spice up their bedroom acts. The ladies organise themselves into groups before getting in touch for the all-expenses paid trip,” she said.

Salivating men

“Several men salivate at me during my performances at live shows to the extent that some of them have been pestering me for sex as if they would rape me. That is why these days I have tight security at my shows. You know some men are never satisfied with their wives and I have come to accept that the only solution is not to entertain them off stage,” she said.

“Men must respect their marriages and wives. For those who are in the habit of pestering me for sex, I think it’s high time I name and shame. So, for them not to be embarrassed, I invite them to bring their wives for Chinamwali lessons and that is the only way they can get what they salivate for when I am on stage.”

I am not a prostitute

“When I offer bedroom lessons to fellow women, it does not mean I am a prostitute or advertising for sex, but what I am trying to do is to fill in a critical gap by playing the role of an aunt to women,” she said.

Off the stage

“When I wake up in the morning around 6 o’clock everyday, no matter how late I would have gone to bed, the first thing I do is to exercise so as to keep my body in good shape for continuous flexibility. If I have no shows, I spent most of my time at the dance academy or at the massage parlour,” she said.


“As a pole dancer, I have been subjected to widespread criticism from religious figures and traditionalists, arguing that my activities represent the height of moral decadence in society, yet dancing is a profession just like any other,” she said.

“The criticism has, however, made me strong in showbiz and I will strive to get where I am destined with my career in showbiz.”

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