CONTEMPORARY rhumba music star Farai “Juntal” Serima has branched off into conscious music with the launch of a new video titled Handaigona as a soundtrack for couples in love.

In a bid to attract new fans, Juntal has opted to do things differently and unveil a conscious track, itself a huge departure from his traditional rhumba vibes.

The musician told NewsDay Life & Style that the move was part of his 2020 resolutions to send love messages to the world through other genres besides rhumba.

“I feel it within my spirit that I was designed to be a true musician who sends messages to the world through different dimensions under the sound of my music and voice. I am not all about rhumba, but I chose it because I noticed a gap in Zimbabwe. That was why I took time to study it and became the best. This time around I am showcasing to the world that I can also send messages through other music categories that are not rhumba,” he said.

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“The song is about a promiscuous man who cheated and changed ladies almost on a daily basis before he was actually touched by the power of love. Later, he finds the right woman whom he truly loves and changes to be a better man. So basically love can transform a person.”

The Mutupo hitmaker said his forthcoming production reflected the experience he gained during many years in the music industry.

The track was recorded at Rocklife Media and produced by Clef Jones.