STATE-OWNED telecommunications company, NetOne has entered into a partnership with Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) that will allow corporates and individuals to use the mobile financial services firm payment platform, OneMoney when remitting taxes.

Officiating at the launch, NetOne chief executive officer Lazarus Muchenje expressed excitement about the agreement between the two entities that is expected to drive change.

“We, as NetOne, together with our partners at Zimra, are very excited about the innovation we have gathered here to unveil, and I will tell you why. The world is changing, and the pace of that change is approaching light-speed. Innovation is now, undeniably, the driver of that change; and within the DNA of NetOne, the philosophy of “World Class”, a desire to achieve excellence in our every endeavour, has taken root,” Muchenje said.

“We know that our success as an organisation is tied to our ability to create solutions that dissolve the problems of our customers, and this is why I say today is an exciting day. Our mobile financial services arm, OneMoney, together with our esteemed sister company Zimra, have created a ground-breaking innovation under the code *554#.”

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The NetOne boss said the new innovation would bring about payment convenience for businesses.

“Aimed at our shared customers, the OneMoney-Zimra payment solution, allows both corporate and individual importers to pay for their business partner and assessment numbers. What makes this ground breaking?” You may ask, for the first time, you can meet these obligations on the go. By adding this functionality to the OneMoney platform, NetOne and Zimra have made it so that you can now, for the first time, tackle this vital aspect of your business, from wherever you are,” he said.

Zimra commissioner-general Faith Mazani said Zimra was proud to collaborate with NetOne, saying the partnership would yield business solutions.

“Today, we are unveiling the product of collaboration with NetOne through their mobile payment platform OneMoney, which has given us the solution to put those days behind us. With that in mind, and with a view to creating value not only for our shareholders but for our customers, the OneMoney-Zimra payment solution was born. Now our shared clients, among them business owners, private importers and so many others, can enjoy an unprecedented level of convenience because paying Zimra obligations is now as simple as dialling *554#,” she said.

Mazani added that the move would also mitigate tax evasion and avoidance among citizens.

“More than tax evasion or tax avoidance, I’m speaking here about the ordinary honest citizen who does not own up, not because of a lack willpower, but a lack of know-how. People discover that they owe an obligation to Zimra at the point where we come to collect, while, in other cases, the knowledge was available but a convenient method of meeting the obligation was not, until now,” Mazani said.