MISS Ireland International (2019) Blessing Mutamba (pictured) yesterday said the country provided limited opportunities for young people despite their high educational qualifications and literacy levels, so there was need to amplify their achievements.

The Mutare-born beauty queen said she embarked on her homecoming tour to explore prospects to work with the local business community and young people seeking opportunities.

Mutamba, who arrived in the country on January 30, told NewsDay Life & Style that Zimbabwe needed to celebrate the achievements of young people which could help in inspiring others.

“I feel we are lacking as Zimbabweans in celebrating the achievements of young people. Sometimes it is very easy to forget that Zimbabwe is one of the most educated nations, not just in Africa but the whole world. We have the highest literacy rate and people are resourceful and we thrive as a nation no matter what gets thrown at us,” she said.

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“However we forget to celebrate and embrace that and encourage our young people to always keep working harder and keep shining, hence we are not amplifying their achievements wild enough to make sure that other young people pay attention. As a result, their accomplishments are easily forgotten.”

The beauty queen has since hosted modelling masterclasses with both established and aspiring models in Victoria Falls and Mutare. She will be in Harare today.

Mutamba, who also took time to visit high schools in Mutare including her former school, Hillcrest said although the experience had been nerve-wracking, she was happy that the tour gave her an opportunity to contribute to the growth of other people in society.

“My experience so far has been nerve-wracking because you always have one chance to make a good first impression. However it has been fulfilling because I didn’t realise how much my words or actions would impact other people. I didn’t think people would pay so much attention to me, so I am happy that I am one of the few people who are contributing something that can change other people’s lives,” she said.

The model said the tour had given her a huge task going forward as she has to present herself in a way that will inspire other people since she is a strong believer in practising what she preaches.

Mutamba said her passion for her country has compelled her to consider making positive contributions to its development, and she was both excited and overwhelmed by the journey she has embarked on.

She is expected to leave Zimbabwe on February 12.