TOP comedian Victor “Doc Vikela” Mpofu (pictured) yesterday said Simuka Comedy would be on the road this year, starting in Harare on February 13 before heading for Masvingo the following day as part of a campaign to take comedy across the country.

The award-winning comedian yesterday told NewsDay Life & Style that stand-up comedy was steadily growing in the country.

“We have set the precedence that comedy will never be the same again as there will be something different this year on the comedy front. We have created a comedy circuit which has become a weekly programme from Tuesday to Saturday were comedians both seasoned and up-and-coming will be showcasing their talents,” he said.

“The comedy circuit encompasses performances across the country connecting with new audiences as well as servicing our existing audiences in a different environment, instead of using just one venue now and again. As we will be moving around spreading the gospel of comedy, on February 13 we will be in Harare and on Valentine’s Day we will be in Masvingo.”

Doc Vikela said this year they will be hosting a comedy festival as part of Simuka’s vision to grow comedy in the country.

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“I have moved from the past were I used to do the Doc Vikela tours, but my drive now with Simuka Comedy is to grow the industry. The more we grow the comedy industry the more relevance of comedy and the more people begin to appreciate it,” he said.

“We have different MoUs in most major towns of the country to do shows. We also have MoUs with Night of Laughter, Zambia and Botswana guys to make sure that we create a comedy circuit were comedians go on the road, which is not mainly inspired by money, but for comedians to get experience and establish their brands.”

Doc Vikela said gone were the days when they had to wait for someone to come and promote comedy for the locals. He said he was working with up-and-coming comedians including Ian, Patrick, Upepe and Psycho Crisis.

He said 2019 was a good year as they branded Simuka Comedy and set up four departments — the comedy club, talent agency, consultancy and academy.

“With the academy we do free lessons to anyone who wants to do comedy every Friday and will later take the people to the stage,” he said.

Doc Vikela said they had started doing skits as a way of utilising and growing their talents and the skits would be available on the Simuka Comedy YouTube channel.

“From that talent agency we also provide comedians for corporate events who will be suitable for the function,” he said.

He founded Simuka Comedy alongside fellow jester Simba “The Comic King” Kakora in 2011.