A LOCAL company, Pusha Maworks will on February 10 hold a skills training workshop under the banner Community Edition Event in Hatcliffe, Harare, to empower local creatives interested in beading.


The debut community edition will be hosted by expert beader Silas Nyamhandu and is open to young people keen on acquiring income-generating knowledge.

Co-founded by Byron Kabaira (pictured) and Diana Elisha Nheera, the organisation aims to steer development in communities while creating opportunities for developing income means for economically active people through training workshops and business guidance.

The duo said in a statement the “community edition” would cover a vast number of vocational skills.

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“As an ongoing quest to foster leadership while steering development in all aspects of life, we hereby launch the community edition where the team seeks to facilitate skills transfer and skills sharing between selected individuals excelling in fields dependent on practical skills. This will cover a large number of vocational skills like beading, carpentry, martial arts, welding, among others,” they said.

Last year, the firm launched an ambitious project promotion campaign for artists and managers, with artists from different disciples, artist managers and businesspeople leading the discussion on how the arts can align with expected business principles to improve their brands.

Pusha Maworks is currently engaged in an ongoing “indie” literacy campaign on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.