The newly formed Ideas Party of Democracy will, as part of the preparations for the 2023 elections, soon roll out a programme to seed-fund those who seek to set up small scale business and social projects.

In an interview, IPD leader, Hebert Chamuka said, “Our party has programmes to fulfill its promises and as such we have lined up some funding for projects to assist those who want to set up small businesses such as flea markets, vending stalls, and other small projects.”

Hebert Chamuka

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In addition, Chamuka said the IPD will also support rural sports activities for children and women through the provision of resources and facilities.

” Social activities are a critical part of any society and we recognise that, and that is why as part of our programmes, we will support the young and old with facilities to enable them to engage in social activities such as soccer among other things.”

Chamuka said his party will target rural voters and reiterated that his party is independent of other political players.

“We are not going to be part of (The Political Actors Dialogue) Polad platform and we will not join other parties.”

Polad is a grouping of some of the minority political actors that contested in the 2018 harmonised elections.