TALENTED Zimdancehall artiste, Qounfuzed, said his forthcoming video was designed to be a soundtrack for couples in love and a dedication to women he was involved with.

Born McDonald Sheldon, the artiste who is one of the first Zimdancehall chanters to shoot to the limelight, said the new track, Sasa, would drop later this month.

Qounfuzed told NewsDay Life & Style that the video was done with a high level of creativity.

“I am currently learning to improve my video filming and editing skills as well as taking music engineering lessons, something that I never thought I would need. I am at a stage where I am just enjoying, exploring and learning the music industry in all aspects,” he said.

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Inspired by reggae and hip-hop music, the artiste, who has been on a mission to re-invent himself both personally and musically, said Sasa had a mature feel with the theme of love.

“It is a story based on a couple having problems, arguments which are mainly caused by friends, social media and lifestyle. I really want to thank every woman that I have been involved with both socially and affectionately as most of the experiences I have shared with them have played a part in my music compositions,” he said.

The artiste, who has appeared at most Zimdancehall shows in Harare and the United Kingdom, said music education was essential.

“I had pulled back a bit as I was trying to find new inspiration but I am back now with a whole different vision, thanks to growth. I am growing everyday, learning new strategies and skills in order to improve my sound,” he said.