Three people were injured after a gas explosion at Pfungwadzakanaka shops in Chinhoyi on Friday last week.

One of the injured, Tony Chimanga, has since been transferred from Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital to Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare.

Sithembile Veremu, who sustained injuries during the explosion, told NewsDay yesterday that she came out of a nearby bar and saw gas leaking from a cylinder.

She said she then warned people to move away from the stand, but an open fire from a nearby kitchen ignited the canisters.

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“As I was coming out from the bar, I saw gas coming out from one of the gas bottles and called people inside the bar to come out and immediately, I saw a big flame. My clothes caught fire. I extinguished the flames by rolling myself on the ground,” she

Two vehicles that were near the gas stand were pushed to safety.

Commenting on why council awarded gas business licences at shops near residential areas, Chinhoyi town clerk Maxwell Kaitano said: “Those operating gas businesses should adhere to the rules that must be observed when filling small clients gas containers. Closeness to residential areas is not an issue, but safety is paramount.”