A LOCAL company, Treeco has launched an ambitious project to plant about one million trees, including indigenous fruit species that can survive in different climatic conditions, across the country and monitor their progress and impact through mobile technology.

The first batch of 1 000 trees, sponsored by leading tour operator Bushtracks Africa as part of their Bushtracks Footprint Programme, and provided by Treeco and Forestry Commission were distributed to communities in Victoria Falls.

The tree-planting project also marked the launch of a mobile application, Treeco App, produced by Treeco and Green Fingers Mobile, to gather and manage data from reforestation activities.

Olia Danckwerts of Treeco said in a statement the mobile application will help to monitor and enforce accountability in the reforestation sector.

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“This app aims to ultimately start a revolution whereby people are empowered, no matter how big or small, to make a tangible difference that benefits both the planet and people,” she said.

Danckwerts said the initiative to plant the trees was meant to curb deforestation and habitat loss and its associated impact.

“The project brings together established players in the conservation and tourism sector including Forestry Commission, Wild is Life and Bushtracks Africa. The trees were grown at the nearby Fuller Forest Nursery by Forestry Commission and Treeco,” she said.

Treeco founder Jos Danckwerts described trees as the source of all life, providing air, food and water.

“We are in a second year of drought and it is more vital than ever that we unite at grassroots level to plant trees and protect forests, given that trees are directly linked to rain, which we all rely on for everything,” he said.

Bushtracks general manager Simon Teede said they were proud to play a leading role in environmental protection and mitigating the efforts of climate change.