Gokwe Town Secretary Melania Mandeya yesterday appeared at the Gokwe Magistrates Court facing four counts of corruption and violation of tender procedures.

Mandeya who is represented by Solomon Kangembeu appeared before magistrate Musaiona Shotgame.

Allegations are that on November 4, 2015, Mandeya gave a tender to sew council curtains to her relative Zvichapera Zunzanyika whom she was staying with without following proper procedures.

The State alleges Mandeya further hired Zunzanyika’s sewing machinery at a rate of US$36 without following proper procurement procedures.

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It is alleged Gokwe Town Council subsequently paid Zunzanyika US$590 and a tool allowance of US$36.

It is further alleged that sometime during the same year, Mandeya made an application for residential stand in Gokwe town and her letter was referred to the works and services committee which recommended it before forwarding it to the full council for a resolution.

The State alleges that the full council resolved to award Mandeya stand number 156 kambasha, Gokwe. She was allegedly made to sign a lease agreement to that effect.

On September 28, 2017 Mandeya approached the council housing department and requested to be offered stand number 155 Kambasha, Gokwe which is adjacent to her stand number 156.

She allegedly erected a precast wall without formalising the paper work and the council was prejudiced of US$4000.

The State alleges that sometime in March last year, Mandeya invited tenders for catering and a companies Kiki’s Kitchen, Faith Mashava’s kitchen and Irene’s catering services responded by issuing quotations.

Mandeya allegedly deliberately did not involve the procurement unit and went on to award the tender to Irene’s catering services belonging to her daughter in law Irene Maheva.

She allegedly then forged Kiki’s Kitchen and Mashava Faith kitchen quotations and pegged both their bidding amounts at $9 590 so that they appear to be highest bidders compared to Irene’s Catering service which was pegged at $8040.

Mandeya then caused the payment of $4000 for the services to Irene’s catering and the balance was set off the payment of stand number 187 Kambasha, Gokwe.

It is further alleged that Mandeya invited the services of Nerenchia Power Rite Company to supply and install solar system at Gokwe Town Council without following due processes.

The State alleges despite the fact that Gokwe Town Council had been quoted $325 435 for the power systems consisting of 24 by 330 watts solar panels, Nerenchia allegedly installed 20 by 400 watts solar panels to the council while four by 400 watts solar panels were installed to Mandeya’s private place of residence.

It is alleged the council paid a total of $325 435 towards the installation of the said system and it was likely to pay less had it been the competitive bidding method had been used to procure the said system.