TOP sungura musician and Chivaraidze Express frontman Liversy Matamba has given a breakdown of the songs on his forthcoming 15th album, Ndozvireva, to be released live on local radio on February 5 this year.

The musician — whose last album Vakakurera Vakuru was released in 2017 — said the new six-track offering was made up of the songs Rudo Harumanikidzwe, Marwisa, Mangamusingavazive, Rongekai, Kuitiswa and Vana Gumi, all of which touch on day-to-day life.

“On the Ndozvireva album I actually sing about what I always come across especially our day-to-day life and the surroundings, reprimanding, encouraging and making people cautious in life,” said the Highfield-based Mutamba.

“In some of the instances, I also sing about my daily experiences.”

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In the song Rudo Harumanikidzwe, he encourages lovers to go their separate ways amicably if one partner is no longer interested.

“Rudo Harumanikidzwe is about love and I must say it is in the best interest of lovers that love is between two people and if one of them is no longer interested, then the other one should not force matters to hold on to love because many couples are regretting such moves,” he said.

On the title track Rongekai, Matamba said he was urging people not to get carried away if life is moving smoothly, but to utilise the opportunity to plan ahead.

Mutamba urged fellow sungura musicians to modernise the genre and move with time so as to compete with Zimdancehall.

“As sungura artistes we need to move with time by modernising our music and also assist each other so as to fight competition from Zimdancehall,” he said.

Mutamba formed his band in 1999 and its first release was in 2000. The original band comprised Godfrey Mutakatara (late) on lead guitar, Pererwa Kasiyapfumbi (late) on bass, Eriya Bekele (late) on vocals, Joel Muchemwa on rhythm and former Bundu Boys member Kenny Chitsvatsva on drums.