TWENTY families, who reside at Bassie Flats in Bulawayo face eviction over outstanding water arrears amounting to $16 800.

The tenants were taken to court on various occasions by their landlord, Hotschland Zimbabwe (PVT) Limited trading as Bessie Flats.

The plaintiff’s lawyer, Bruce Masamvu yesterday said his clients were granted several orders by the courts to evict the 20 families from the property due to their failure to pay water debts to the Bulawayo City Council.

He said 10 tenants were evicted on Monday, while the remainder were given notices of the impending ejection.

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Summons filed at the Bulawayo Magistrates Court on separate occasions from November 22 to 29 2019 notified the tenants that they were supposed to attend court within seven days of the filing of the summons. The summons stated that if they defaulted they would be considered to have admitted to the claim and a default judgment would be sought.

“In default of the agreement, the defendants have neglected, failed or refused to pay $840 each despite demand as of November 2019 hence defendants are in breach of the agreement,” the summons read.