A BULAWAYO-BASED Tyson Wabantu activist appeared in court on Monday charged with illegal distribution of the movement’s campaign fliers in the city.

Andifasi Banda, the Bulawayo Tyson WaBantu interim provincial mobilisation and recruitment secretary appeared before magistrate Lizwe Jamela facing a charge of contravening section 8(11) of the Maintenance of Peace and Order Act.

Banda, alongside former Zanu PF members, particularly from the G40 faction, last month unveiled the Tyson Wabantu movement in Bulawayo during roadshows held in the city’s high-density suburbs.

According to the State, Banda, who applied for police clearance on behalf of the movement to hold the roadshow allegedly failed to comply with the directive or condition under which the procession or public demonstration was authorised.

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He allegedly went on to organise the procession of persons and vehicles where fliers written #Tyson Wabantu for My Hope, My Choice, My Voice were distributed in pursuit of a common purpose of demonstrating support for a political organisation namely National Patriotic Front (NPF), the State alleges.

Banda was remanded out of custody and advised that the matter would proceed by way of summons.

Banda, who is also the national commander of the Zimbabwe National Service Graduates Association, an association of the National Youth Service graduates, was represented by human rights lawyer Mehluli Dube.

Exiled former minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who is reportedly behind the Tyson Wabantu movement, did not hide his interest in leading the political project in an interview with a South Africa television station in December last year.

The movement, that draws its members mainly from Zanu PF’s G40, NYS members and expelled G40 members has set its sights on dislodging the ruling Zanu PF party from power in the 2023 elections.