AFROPOP artiste Tamy Moyo yesterday said she had a highly successful run last year, courtesy of her hard work and a strong team whose support helped buoy her fortunes in the cutthroat local music industry.

The youthful and sultry songbird told NewsDay Life & Style that there were many ways for artistes to realise profits and attain success in the industry.

“The local industry is profitable in so many ways. It really depends on how strong your team is and how well you work, too. It does come with its own challenges,” she said.

“The best strategy forward in our environment is to continue to network with the right people and grow your connections in order to push boundaries.”

Although Tamy said she found it tough to conquer new territory last year, she was happy to have secured opportunities to perform alongside some of Africa’s finest music acts.

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She opened for Burna Boy in Lusaka, Zambia in March and featured at the BET JoziTese Fest in South Africa.
She was also part of Jazz on The Lake with Sjava in the same country before headlining the Victoria Falls Carnival.

“The challenges were all sorts but the hardest was conquering new territory in all the international events I attended. The journey to do so still continues,” she said.

Tamy said her goal was to make more music and work towards regional recognition and hinted on releasing an

She said she was shifting her focus to international collaborations, and expressed hope that the projects she was working on would hit the streets soon.