President Emmerson Mnangagwa wants people to eat grass like animals. Vegetables are grass and they were never meant for human consumption! Mnangagwa misunderstood the medical doctor! Protein obtained from meat is an essential component of what is essentially called a “balanced diet”.

By Tendai P Munyanduri, NPF president

There is protein in meat. There is fat and, therefore, energy in meat. Zimbabweans will suffer from malnutrition if they exclusively eat grass known by Mnangagwa as vegetables.

Only cattle and wild animals survive on grass. Anything with chlorophyll that is green vegetation is grass and should be left only for wild animals.

Mnangagwa’s election manifesto in the run-up to the 2018 general election was full of half truths. Why did Mnangagwa not promise grass as food for Zimbabweans in his 2018 election manifesto?

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Mnangagwa made promises like command housing, command agriculture, better health, reliable electricity and spaghetti roads, but has just delivered the opposite of his promises.

We urge Zimbabweans to vote wisely in 2023.