AFRO-JAZZ crooner Alexio Kawara yesterday said his forthcoming video was designed to be a soundtrack for couples in love and likely to help improve their relationships.

The musician, who came out of hibernation last year following the release of his sixth album, Oyi, said the new track — Unombozviitirei? — would be dropped on January 13.

Kawara told NewsDay Life & Style that his fans would be able to see that the video was done with a high level of creativity lacking in many local productions.

“For this video, we went all out with the wardrobe and make-up as well as the choreography. The concept itself is something that people should look forward to as we tried to make it different from a lot of videos that are seemingly lacking creativity,” he said.

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The Shades of Black frontman, who started off as an urban grooves artiste, said Unombozviitirei? had a mature feel with themes of love.

“This song is definitely one of those songs that if you listen to it attentively it should trigger something in people who are in a relationship and hopefully improve it. It is about two people who are stuck together in a relationship even though they wrong each other. I am mostly inspired by the need to transform people’s mindsets,” he said.

The video was produced and directed by Simba Gee and recorded by Cornelius Muponda of Harmony Studios.

Kawara, who has been one of the most consistent musicians since bursting onto the music scene with the group Guest at the turn of the millennium, rose to national stardom with his hit Amai and later released tracks such as chart-toppers Shaina and Tinodanana.

His discography include Usazondisiya (2003), Kumba Kwenyu (2004), Pfimbi Yangu, Kana and Tose (2011).