COMEDIENNE Tyra “Madam Boss” Chikocho, who rose to fame through her social media skits, has hinted on going global with her art — which now includes drama series — as she seeks to increase her audience beyond the country’s borders.

The socialite and actress told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that it was high time she and her team shifted their focus to the global market after their breakthrough in the local film industry.

“We are looking forward to going international and making the brand international. We also want to have our work on DStv and have international endorsements as a way of increasing our fan base by introducing more skits, talk shows, more story lines, including subtitles to cater for the international market, feature films and the Dudzai television drama series,” she said.

“I think this will be made possible by international endorsements, which are attracted by our ever-increasing numbers in terms of following and fans from all over the world. Since we are now putting subtitles to break language barriers and for DStv it is still work in progress and we will have subtitles on our local language skits and also English language skits.”

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Madam Boss said plans were also under way to launch a new drama series, Merinda, following the success of Dudzai.

“Merinda is the original Madam Boss, for her to come to the limelight it was because of Merinda, who was Madam Boss’ maid and she was abused by her boss, but she remained patient because she was a soft character. And we are considering to bring her back to the project because she really played a huge role,” she said.

Meanwhile, Madam Boss described 2019 as “a difficult year” where her rivals used social media to tarnish her image and brand.

“We had challenges with media, especially from unprofessional social media journalists who we believe were working with enemies to tarnish the ever-growing brand,” she said.

She said the negative publicity, however, worked to her advantage as she received more endorsements.