MVURWI residents have blasted their local authority for failing to act on an illegal tin shack that was allegedly erected by town secretary Sheri Nyakudya’s son in the town centre in December last year.

Residents association’s representative, Emmanuel Nkambala blasted the town secretary for nepotism because similar structures were previously destroyed by the same council.

“As Mvurwi residents, we are disgruntled by our town secretary, who is accused of authorising an illegal structure in the centre of the town. What raises eyebrows is that the same council destroyed similar structures previously, hence we cannot doubt that it’s her son’s structure,” Nkambala said.

The town secretary could neither confirm nor deny that she has been embroiled in a nepotism scam.

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“The council has no authority on someone’s premises. That premise belongs to Peacock,” she said.

Quizzed on whether her son owned the structure and why they destroyed similar structures previously, she became evasive.

The ward councillor Fanuel Chigonero vowed to take action on the structure by calling for an official meeting.

“The structure is very disturbing considering that it is at the heart of the town. We are yet to sit down in an official meeting and condemn the structure,” he said.