BINGA district development co-ordinator Lydia Banda-Ndethi has been demoted for allegedly boycotting a function where Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga was officiating, the Southern Eye has established.


Banda is alleged to have violated sections of the Public Service Regulations by choosing to attend a non-governmental organisation (NGO) programme instead of Chiwenga’s event held in July 2018 at Manjolo Business Centre.

According to a misconduct charge sheet dated December 17 signed by one Z.R Churu (Disciplinary Authority) on behalf of the Local Government permanent secretary, Banda violated section 44 (2) (a) as read with paragraphs 2 and 24 of the first schedule (section 2) of the Public Service Regulations, 2000 as amended.

Investigations against Banda, who is now deputy director local governance in the provincial development co-ordinator’s office, Matabeleland North, were conducted between August 19 and 21, 2019, Churu said.

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“You allegedly prematurely left the function that the Vice-President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Chiwenga was officiating in July 2018 at the Manjolo Business Centre opting to attend to a NGO programme. You had lopsided priorities to the extent that the activities of NGOs were taking precedence ahead of government business,” the misconduct charge sheet reads.

Banda also stands accused of failing to hold government-funded national events such as the Heroes Day commemorations among other acts of misconduct.

“Heroes commemorations have allegedly not been held in the district at least since 2015 when you assumed duty in Binga district. During your tenure in Binga district, you allegedly routinely left chiefs to meet on their own during monthly meetings while your prioritised other errands.”

By so doing she allegedly violated paragraph 2 of the Public Service Regulations, 2000 as amended which states, “improper, negligent, inefficient or incompetent performance of duties.”

Her actions were said to be inconsistent with, and prejudicial to the discharge of duties that the Civil Service vested in her.

Banda was given no later than 14 days to respond to the charges from the day of receipt of the letter.
In an interview, Banda said her lawyer had advised her not to give her side of the story yet to the media. “My lawyer advised me not to give my side of the story to the media as it would problematic in the future,” Banda said yesterday.