THE breakaway opposition party MDC-T Vice-President Obert Gutu may not have joined the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) for tea and biscuits, but Polad still spends taxpayer’s money to do work that should be done by existing government structures.

By Kennedy Kaitano, Our Reader

Is Gutu seriously telling us that a department that will be created by the useless Polad to manage its communication will be made up of unpaid volunteers?

Is Gutu telling the world that the members of Polad have used their personal resources to travel out of Harare to attend workshops?

Can he honestly say there have been no allowances paid to the participants of these workshops?
Can Gutu prove to us that Polad has not been allocated money from the 2020 budget?

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And Polad, from what has been said, is made up of the losing presidential candidates and I wonder why it has now been expanded to accommodate other officials from the parties which sponsored a presidential candidate like Gutu, who was not a presidential candidate? This is the confusion behind the Polad concept, and how corruption is at play to then include persons who were not Presidential elections candidates.

It is clear Gutu wants to mislead the world that people outside Polad only want to complain, but does not proffer solutions to the problems, as if Polad is the only group which has suggested solutions.

Many organisations and individuals have suggested solutions and it could be government which has selectively considered such suggestions.

Polad is unconstitutional, unnecessarily duplicates the work being done by other arms of government and a waste of tax payers’ money.