A 42-YEAR-OLD Guruve man was arraigned before a Bindura magistrate for allegedly raping his three-year-old niece on Boxing Day.


The man, from Chingorogodza village in Guruve, was not asked to plead to a rape charge before magistrate Moreblessing Makati yesterday.

Prosecutor Vincent Marunya alleged that on December 26, the complainant was playing with other children in the presence of the suspect and his wife.

The suspect’s wife went to sleep in the kitchen while the suspect went to the bedroom.

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The complainant and her friends hid in the rooms while playing hide and seek.

The minor eventually got into the bedroom and her uncle raped her once.

She reported the matter to her grandmother and the complainant’s wife who examined her and observed blood stains.
She was taken to hospital for medical attention, leading to the suspect’s arrest.