In response to It’s ‘aluta continua’ in ED’s Zimbabwe, MUTATI says: It is pretty clear that some people were born to make other people suffer. We have heard enough of Zanu PF leadership, torture and corruption. For how long shall the people be under Pharaoh, but it is almost 40 years of people suffering, yet it appears difficult for people to do the correct thing? It appears true that Zanu PF liberated the people to oppress them. It is now two years down the line, all hope is slowly fading. President Emmerson Mnangagwa is leading a deeply-divided nation, plagued by economic challenges which he seem to have found no solution.

In response to We’re trying to stabilise the Zimdollar: Mangudya, CHEDU says: This is purely nonsense, especially when it is coming from Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya, who is clueless on how best to solve the economic hardships he has created. Mangudya promised the whole nation to resign if the bond note failed. Here we are now, inflation rate is at 480%, the worst after Venezuela as if we are in a war situation. As far as we know Mangudya cannot stabilise the Zimdollar because he is clueless. Instead, as the people we should expect more suffering as they continue to allow our resources to be stolen.

IN response to Feed the people not fish, Chamisa tells ED, CHAMBOKO says: MDC leader Nelson Chamisa is not doing enough to show President Emmerson Mnangagwa that he is doing more harm than good to the people, be it Zanu PF or MDC. We are becoming a joke to the world given the way Mnangagwa is leading the nation. Mnangagwa has allowed thieves and con people to flourish. He seems to be enjoying feeding his fish at the farm while people are suffering.

IN response to A chaotic Christmas!, MASHAMBULANI says: The year 2019 has become the worst year which everybody does not even want to hear about. It was not a Christmas to remember in anyway as the working class was hit the hardest. Our incomes were totally eroded and they became useless to an extent that we could not buy anything meaningful with $100. For sure, it was a chaotic Christmas whereby there was no electricity for more than 18 hours a day, no tape water and service stations were dry as motorist failed to travel to their rural areas. Under the Mnangagwa-led leadership, the people will continue to suffer till death because the regime has no solution.