MDC president Nelson Chamisa said his party will turn on the heat in 2020 to ensure a lasting solution to the current challenges bedevilling the country is found.


Chamisa said the socio-economic crisis in Zimbabwe was political and a solution should be found before it’s too late as millions face starvation.

The opposition leader painted a gloomy picture of the situation on the ground saying nothing was functional in the country, particularly in the villages.

“We are called upon to ensure that no one is left behind to make sure that we protect the weak, poor and vulnerable. Poverty should not be used as a tool for oppression. The crisis in Zimbabwe is man-made,” Chamisa said to NewsDay.

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“Parents cannot afford to take their children to school. Teenage pregnancies are increasing; crops in the fields are wilting and dying. Food continues to be used as a political weapon to sow divisions, hate and instil fear. Clinics have totally collapsed,” he added, while speaking of his recent visit to the village during the Christmas holidays.

“There is no money and no food. This can’t continue. The solution to this crisis is political. It’s time for real change and reform. We will roll out plans and action aimed at restoring dignity, promoting development and pushing for real change in Zimbabwe, particularly in the rural areas. In 2020 we must leave no stone unturned. We will turn on the heat in the fight for freedom and a decent life for every Zimbabwean.”

Zimbabwe’s problems have been described by many, including the South African government as political and there have been calls for dialogue between the country’s political leaders, President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Chamisa.

However, hope for the proposed talks seem to be fading as the key political protagonists continue to clash and making demands on each other.

Mnangagwa wants Chamisa to submit himself to the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) while Chamisa has vowed never to be part of Mnangagwa’s “machine” insisting on the need for genuine dialogue.

Meanwhile, Chamisa has implored fellow countrymen to tell transformative stories by responding to the welfare of the elderly to inspire future generations.

The MDC donated bread, flour, rice and soap among other groceries to Ekuphumuleni Geriatrics nursing home in Bulawayo on Saturday.

Nkululeko Sibanda told NewsDay that recent donations to the needy by Chamisa are influenced by his concern for the welfare of the elderly and underprivileged in society.

“Chamisa is encouraging our country to take its responsibility of providing basic amenities and welfare to those in need. The donation is not about us, the era of giving for a show off must end. He is doing this to inspire our future generations that our primary duty is to serve and to be grateful to those who saved us before,” Sibanda said.

“Chamisa has raised tens of thousands of dollar value donations through appeals to Zimbabweans in the diaspora and other able Zimbabweans in the country. He will be picking a city every year where he will provide his public effort and this year he was putting much emphasis on Bulawayo because this is where he spent the festive season.”

He said Chamisa instructed his teams not to only provide the elderly with food but also to spend “some quality time” such as they did at Ekuphumuleni Geriatrics Nursing and Old People’s Home on Saturday before visiting Cabatsha residents in ward 2 in Bulawayo.

Ekuphumuleni administrator, Sukoluhle Hobe said: They are very thankful. “We received a lot of groceries from MDC representatives. We are a nursing home for those above 65 years if donations prop up we are very thankful we need assistance most of the time.”