The music industry was robbed of one of its legends, Oliver Mtukudzi who made history on the arts sector, which saw him being accorded the national hero status for his contribution to the sector.

On a sad note

The year saw the lucky escape of award winning hip hop rapper T-Gonzi, who was involved in a car accident which most claimed was an assassination attempt.


With some artists almost wiped out of existence by the incoming and energetic replacements, 2019 has seen the comeback of some of the industry’s giants such as Alick Macheso who featured on Freeman’s song Ngaibake.

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Soul Jah Love also came back with a bang featuring on Queen Vee’s Song, Vavengi and releasing some songs of his own. These songs include Kana Ndafa, Zviri Pandiri Zvihombe and Hokoso which breathed new life into Zimdancehall and saw him reclaiming his throne as the Zimdancehall godfather.

New voices on the terrain

The industry also witnessed the introduction of some powerful female voices such as Gemma Griffiths who has done a runner of songs with Winky D, Charlie Kay and Ammara Brown, to mention a few.

Charlie Kay was also one of the artists who hogged the limelight this year engaging in collaborations with the likes of Trevor Dongo. Plaxedes Wenyika awoke from her long term hibernation to offer her new song Zvekare.

Confused can also be acclaimed to have risen to fame with his song Handichambokufunga featuring rapper T Gonzi. Talking of powerful voices, Garry Mapanzure and Hilzy of the Muroora fame also shone brightly by scooping an R n B and soul award with their song Tv Room.


The year saw the magical come back of sungura superstar ba Shero nee Alick Macheso through the release of the song Ngaibake, which has been trending on local radio stations, car stereos and various entertainment platforms. The song topped the charts of most radio stations.

Other hits released this year include Sadza Nemuriwo by Jah Prayzah that has captured the hearts of music lovers both young and old. There was also MuGarden by Winky D featuring Gemma Griffiths, who also went on to feature on Tichichema by Ammara Brown. The song is currently topping the charts.

HKD boss Freeman could not be played over and he released his debut album Gango which was well received by fans. The album features songs such as Waimutambisa, Ngaibake featuring Alick Macheso, Musiye and Makanika featuring Soul Jah Love’s estranged wife, Bounty Lisa.

Talking of hits, it would be amiss not to mention Kwandinobva by songstress Tammy would be an understatement. The song, which talks of the Zimbabwean culture, has been trending on social media such as YouTube amassing about 427 000 views.

Nutty O stepped up to the game and was no exception with his songs Vroom, Prove Dem Wrong and dream Team.

Vee Mampeezy featuring Dr Tawanda, famous for cover songs done by other artists, this year also rocked the music scene with a track titled Dhumalana which became a national anthem for children across the country. In the gospel arena, artist Janet also excelled with the release of such songs as Muri Mwari, Nyasha NeNgoni, and Ndimi, leaving no doubt that this woman is unmatched when it comes to gospel music.


Following the sizzling album releases one could think that they have seen it all; however, there is hype all over the country over the release of Winky D’s much anticipated albums, set for the December 31.
This has left fans eager to taste what has been brewing in the cooking pots. Famed for releasing award winning songs, especially at the end of the year like the popular Disappear song a few years back, this album will has generated lots of interest. Does the musician still have what it takes to charm the pants off his fans? That is what we are left to see.


The year has also been characterised by drama which saw some artists engaged in what can be classified as madness. After too much fame went to their heads they were now taking things to the extreme.

Talking madness of this year, Enzo Ishall is one of the artists who can fit the bill. Since the release of Smart Rinotangira Kutsoka, Kanjiva and Magate, Vanodherera, and Matsimba things seemed to be going well for the artist until recently he released the song Highest Score under the patronage of the much acclaimed prophet, Passion Java.

The song saw much negative flake from music fans who termed it satanic and that the musician had totally lost track of his career. Things couldn’t have gotten worse when he recently released the song Ngoro featuring a Rachel. That was when it was clear that he had completely lost the plot.

Anyway it’s up for debate: Is Enzo Ishall out of his depth? Is he really mad? Or its just creativity gone sour?

Inappropriate attention seeking

Going nude seems to have taken the cake this year with some musicians caught up in nudity scandals. This year saw RnB sensation Trevor Dongo in nude pictures that went viral on social media, but the singer defended the pictures saying they were done as part and parcel of a music video he was working on.


In light of these developments, one can safely conclude that despite the loss of legends such as Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, which was tragic, the sector also experienced some good memories, events that will forever be etched in the minds of music lover across the country.