ZANU PF has set its eyes on infiltrating school development committees and creating relations with teacher organisations which they describe as fertile hunting grounds for opposition parties.


According to the Education department report, the ruling party said it was moving in to ensure control of school development committees and making sure party cadres get priority in recruitment in colleges.

“Recruiting of party cadres in school development committees is an on-going activity of the department. It is to ensure that the party establishes and/or maintains presence in these important institutions,” the report reads.

“Efforts towards establishing cordial relations with teachers’ organisations are in progress since this is a fertile recruitment ground for opposition political parties,” the report added.

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The department also said that the party was working towards ensuring the ruling party cadres benefit for enrolment in teachers colleges and for apprenticeship and training in polytechnic colleges.

A report of the commissariat department also stated that the party was doing well in colleges where they have a good working relationship with the Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union.

Zanu PF has set its sight on victory in 2023. The party has already endorsed President Emmerson Mnangagwa as its candidate despite the elections being four years away.

The school development committees were put in place for parents to have a say in the running of schools.

In the strategy to create relations with teacher organisations, observers said Zanu PF was pushing to silence vocal teacher organisations perceived to be linked to the opposition.