By Freeman Makopa

Harare basketball league will launch a new-look Super Saturday schedule today where top teams will battle it out at the City Sports Centre.

Unlike in the past where the Super Saturday featured two of the biggest teams, the new concept will see four giants battling it out on the same day and at the same venue.

Harare Basketball Association (HBA) president David Pick said this was aimed at giving the game a fresh and more attractive look.

“Super Saturday is a new initiative. We have always had a scenario where we fixture two of the biggest teams in one weekend, but this is a new initiative whereby all the top-four teams get to play each other in both the men’s A and B leagues as wells as the women’s A and B,” he said.

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“We are taking this as a huge marketing drive, whereby people come and watch the most exciting games all packed up in one venue. We are also appealing for sponsors out there to come and witness what basketball is all about,” he said.

Pick said since they had covered half of the season, the games would mark the end of the first half of the season, adding that they were expecting fun-filled action.

HBA has witnessed surprises in the past weeks with big teams, Hornets and JBC losing to Foxes and HLF Raiderz respectively in the men’s category.

Hornets will look to bounce back from last week’s stumble as they bid to win the title.

HBA has been linked with various initiatives aimed at returning the sport to its former glory and are working on introducing more female coaches in the league.

However, like any other sporting organisation, HBA has bemoaned lack of funding as the main hindrance to the growth of the sport.

Some of the top fixtures to look forward to today include top-of-the-table clash between JBC and Hornets in the men’s category which will be the last fixture setting off at 8:30pm.

Before that Foxes will take on HLF Raiderz and in the women’s section Bunnies will do battle with Harare City Hornets.