ZAPU has said the country’s dire socio-economic crisis has outrun political populism and is calling for a national transitional governing authority (NTGA) to right the ills facing the nation.

Sky-high prices of basics have taken away the Christmas cheer from millions of Zimbabweans at a time the El Niño-induced drought is also stalking the nation.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has, however, said the austerity policies have been dumped to usher in a time of prosperity for many, but Zapu said there is no hope without a NTGA.

“It must be clear to all and sundry that the economic situation has outrun political populism just as it has done so. With the military back up of certain individuals. The solution will have to be based on a national consensus that is all inclusive,” Zapu presidential spokesperson Mkhululi Zulu said.

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“We have said it before that the prevailing socio-economic meltdown cannot be solved by political party affiliations or party memberships. We are astounded that this has fallen on deaf ears, particularly of those currently believing to be political gurus in our country hence awarding themselves the prerogative to solve the problem.”

Zapu also ruled out the implementation of political and economic reforms without the NTGA.

“It is only this NTGA that can facilitate free, fair, credible and acceptable elections. It has been very clear from the very onset that the current governance system will lead to the current socio-economic nightmare. This win-at-all cost attitude with one emerging as the most powerful has these disastrous repercussions where as a nation there is no national consensus on many issues,” Zulu said.

“We cannot be part of a global community if we have a government that chooses to have its own definitions of socio-economic normalcy just because the political leaders are militarily installed, backed and savagely protected even as they squander national resources.”