Online gambling is increasing throughout Zimbabwe. Young people, in particular, have been flocking online casinos to bet on sports, slots or poker in the hopes of winning lots more. But guess what? Scam casinos are also on the rise.

If you play casino games frequently, safeguard yourself by using licensed, reputable online casinos. Below are ten of the best ways to find such casinos.

#1: Read Casino Reviews

Reading recommendations made a professional casino review expert is arguably the easiest way to find an excellent casino. You don’t need to waste hours analyzing multiple gambling sites. You don’t even need to know how to find a legitimate casino.

If you read reviews from a respected online casino expert, you’ll be able to find a safe gambling site you could use stress-free. Lucky for Zimbabweans, there are lots of websites that review safe casinos that accept Zimbabwean players.

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The best sites not only suggest the best casinos to play but also guide you on how to select and play games. also tells you which top real money online casinos give you welcome bonuses and how much you receive. More importantly, the site features comprehensive reviews for each casino to help you better understand the different casinos.

#2: Casinos with Trusted Licenses

Although not every licensed casino is worth your time, you don’t want to risk your money at an unregistered gambling site. If it’s unlicensed, there’s nothing that protects you should the management close down with your payment.

Licensed casinos are regulated by authoritative bodies that hold them accountable for any wrongdoings. The UK Gambling Commission, for example, fined a casino £800,000 last year for allowing a player to wager thousands of stolen money.

The Malta Gaming Authority, on the other end, updates its rules regularly to ensure all casinos operating with its license are safe. It last updated its policy in May 2018 and cancelled eight licenses of casinos the regulator believed were incapable of operating online casino professionally.

#3: Secure Sites and Apps

It sounds like common sense, but we can’t emphasize the need to play on a secure gambling site enough. The first line of security comes in setting a password to safeguard your account. If the casino provides two-factor authentication, the robust the security.

Besides passwords, the casino must have SSL encryption to protect your data as it travels from your computer to the casino’s site. Without encryption, your personal information is broadcast to the Internet publicly, meaning anyone can view it.

These days, a public audit proving the casino provides fair games is also necessary. Of course, the best casinos have been audited and have certificates to prove their games are fair. Look for these casinos as they tend to be better overall than regular platforms.

#4: Games from Top Tier Software Providers

So, you want to cherish the thrills of slot machines? Pick a slot developed by a respected software provider. Netent, Microgaming, Play’n GO, and BetSoft lead the industry when it comes to supplying high-quality games.

These developers also choose casinos they work with carefully. Not only do they require licenses from casino operators, but they also vet operators to ensure they have the ethics and integrity needed to run gambling sites.

If you are like many people, you also want to play games from top-rated software developers. Whether you love blackjack or poker, Keno or slots, respected developers tend to produce the best games in every category.

#5: Safe Payment Methods

Payment is a sensitive topic to many casino players and operators. So many gamblers lose their money while attempting to use banking options they are unfamiliar with. On the other end, some casinos are so strict with payment policies that they inconvenience players.

So, before you choose a gambling site, find out what deposit and withdrawal options it provides. PayPal is an excellent option for thousands of people in Zimbabwe. But if you prefer to use Skrill, choose a Skrill casino.

You can also use Visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoin on many online casinos. However, compare the payment methods based on their processing speeds and fees before you opt to use any of them. Some casinos also waive fees or give you bonuses when you use specific banking options.

#6: Join Reputable Casinos

Casinos earn their reputations by providing delivering quality games, paying out to winners fast and providing professional customer support. Sometimes casinos lose their reputation while others work on their bad reputation over time.

As such, find a casino with a good reputation presently. Read review sites and forums to find out what people say about different gambling sites. Does a casino you know delay payments? Avoid it. Does a brand name platform ignore customer queries? Don’t join it.

Instead, find a casino multiple people like because it offers excellent services in all departments. That way, you’ll be guaranteed of quick payments, a communicative support department, and a safe gaming website or app.

#7: Read Terms and Conditions

When asked to read terms and conditions online, most of us scroll down and tick the ‘I Agree’ icon. It saves time. But here’s the bigger problem. Online casinos tend to hide clauses they could later use to deny you vast sums of money when you win.

For example, a site could set a rule whereby you can’t win and withdraw more than ten times your first deposit to the casino. So, if you deposit $10 and use the money to win $500, you’ll be limited to withdrawing $100.

Bonus terms are particularly damning. It’s free money from casinos, but it comes with conditions that could force you to spend so much more money at the platform. As such, read these terms or use casino review sites to get recommendations.

To Conclude

Zimbabweans who want to profit of online casinos need to choose gambling sites wisely. Some casinos are outright scams while others use smart terms to steal from players. Use the tips shared above to find safe sites that provide quality casino services overall.