BULAWAYO police say they will deploy more officers to patrol the streets to ensure a crime-free holiday.

Spokesperson Chief Inspector, Precious Simango told Southern Eye yesterday that they would create a conducive and crime-free environment this festive season.

“We have enhanced deployments of more police officers in the CBD as well as in all suburbs around Bulawayo province. We are also advising parents to monitor their children since some of them may end up engaging in risky sexual behaviour due to influence from friends, wrong associations and peer pressure which will ultimately destroy their future prematurely,” she said.

“Activities such as wild parties and vuzu parties are common during holidays. We as police are urging all youths to observe and uphold ubuntu and desist from engaging in errant and wayward behaviour that expose them to serious diseases like sexually transmitted infections and HIV.”
She urged parents to impose curfews on their children.

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Simango advised businesspersons to strictly adhere to their operating licences’ requirements, urging those that deal in liquor to stick to the stipulated times and not to sell alcohol to under-age persons.

She advised residents to avoid keeping large sums of cash at home, adding that robbers could pounce on unsuspecting individuals.

“However, in the event of an attack by criminals we urge members of the public not to fight back or resist as this may lead to serious injuries, in some instances death. We, therefore, advise the public to inform the police promptly after the robbers have left,” she said.

Simango said anti-corruption teams will also be checking on illicit activities around the city.