NATIONAL Association of Schools Development and Committees (Nasdac) has called on government to introduce a special fund to develop schools in Matabeleland South and North whose infrastructure is dilapidated.

Nasdac acting president Max Mkandla told Southern Eye recently that the poor infrastructure was possibly the reason why most schools fair badly in examinations.

Mkandla said cottages were dilapidated hence teachers shun schools in remote areas.

“School development in the form of teachers’ cottages is very poor and they have to share houses and rooms. We are talking of teachers who have been leaving a good life out there and once they are deployed to Matabeleland they (are given) poorly constructed schools and do not stay,” he said.

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“This has also led to a shortage of teachers.”

He appealed to the government to introduce a special fund to be directly channeled towards the development of rural schools that are lagging behind in infrastructure development.

“We are appealing to the government in terms of devolution of power to channel funds towards such schools,” he said.

Mkandla also lamented that the increase in fees will force a lot of children in rural areas to drop out of school.

“Schools are just increasing fees willy-nilly, hence we are calling the ministry to control this anarchy because the situation is (now quite) bad,” he said.