FORMER Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko has revealed that one of his passions is cooking and that he has been treating his family to his culinary skills every Sunday since he got married in 1977.

Mphoko made the revelations on his daughter Siduduzile’s fashion, style and culture YouTube show uploaded on December 20 where he is seen preparing a traditional meal.

Mphoko was removed from office in November 2017 alongside the late President Robert Mugabe and a number of now exiled former Zanu PF members in a coup.

The former VP has been battling to access his pension and other benefits since then. Away from politics, Mphoko loves being in the kitchen.

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“When I met your mother, we established a tradition; we introduced a culture at home. Every Sundays I have cooked for my wife, up to today, but we eat good food,” Mphoko said in an episode titled: Cooking and tasting local Foods: Father Daughter moments VP Mphoko with DrBae, Part 1.

“… and my son also has adopted that policy that he cooks for his family on Sundays. And I am sure my son-in-law also has been told . . . so it’s a tradition that I started with my wife that every Sunday, it’s a must that I must make a mess of the kitchen, but they make so much noise when I go to the kitchen, but I like cooking.”

Mphoko’s daughter, a medical doctor, launched her fashion, style and culture channel in October this year.

Siduduzile said the channel was necessitated by the need to showcase the country’s luxurious style and culture.

“I am tired of watching other people expose themselves; expose their country and their culture. We are so rich in arts and culture, we are so rich in many things, so it’s time we show them what we are made of here in Bulawayo,” she said.

The channel is under the management of Khulekani Ndlovu’s LeFactory, which focuses on premium luxurious brands and provides public relations and marketing services to the elite.