Mai Sorobhi


VETERAN actress Rhoda Mtembe, popularly known as Mai Sorobhi in yesteryear drama Paraffin, was on Wednesday honoured as a community hero by local cooking oil producing company, Pure Oil Industries (Pvt) Ltd for championing the cause of the country’s film industry.

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The 76-year-old actress suffered a stroke early this year and is not able to walk without aid.

In recognition of her great sense of humour on the small screen, Mai Sorobhi received a certificate and is set to get a year’s supply of cooking oil from Pure Oil Industries as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Speaking at the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) ceremony, Pure Oil Industries chairperson Pradyumin Ganediwal said they had decided to incorporate into the event a category of giving awards to individuals they regarded as community heroes.

“This year, we thought it worthwhile to recognise a special category of people whom we are calling the heroes of our community. These are people, who despite the challenges they also face, have acted selflessly to help other society members. We would like to honour this group of special people by giving them a year’s supply of cooking oil,” he said.

Mai Sorobhi started acting in the early 1990s and rose to fame through the then prominent television series Paraffin, where she played the role of Mai Sorobhi, wife to the late main character Paraffin.

Her acting career started off as a passion as she featured in dramas that focused on several themes such as HIV and Aids and child abuse.

Also honoured with the same recognition was another community hero, Esther Zinyoro alias Mbuya Gwena of Mbare, who has rose to fame through helping women deliver babies during a time when Zimbabwe’s health sector has been rapidly deteriorating.