Everyone wants to be successful, but not everyone wants to put in the effort. This article looks at the behaviours of the majority and the minority. If you want success don’t follow what the masses are doing. Success is basically the opposite of what the majority do. The masses have rituals that lead to poverty and on the other hand successful people have rituals that lead to riches and significance. If success was easy most people would be successful, but that is not the case.

Design and desire

The majority of people think they must get a life they deserve. The few successful people know that they get a life they design. Everyone has a desire, wish and want, but life is not like that, you get what you fight for.

Acceptance and creation

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A majority of the people accept what life offers them. Successful people don’t accept life as is, but they create the kind of a life they want. Most people accept an average, mediocre and low life. Successful people are aggressive and don’t accept poverty.

Fate and faith

Most of the people think that everything happens by fate. On the other hand the few and successful know that everything happens by faith. Fate says life happens to me. Faith says I create my own life because God created me with that power.


The successful minority have control over their lives. The overwhelming majority feel and think they are controlled by life and by their bosses.

Locus and focus

The majority of people focus on what they don’t have or external forces. Such people have an external locus. The few successful focus on what they can do with their innate abilities, endowments, abilities and what they have. They have internal locus. The majority are hunting for external possibilities. The few successful ones are tapping from their internal resources.

Intentionality and accidental

Few people do things internationally. The majority think success is by accident or life happens to them.

Job-mindset and work-mindset

The majority are job-minded. The few are purpose-minded. People that are job-minded feel the government should provide jobs. A proper government must create an opportunity for people to be entrepreneurial. Everyone might not have a job, but everyone has something to do; work. Work on your craft even though there are less jobs.

TV and Library

The majority have big TVs and a small or no library. The majority watch too much TV. The successful few have mastered how to be watched on TV. A select few have a big library and they hunt for ideas. The majority hardly read a single quality book per year. The successful minority read books all times.

Pay and play

The majority party and play. The successful minority are eyeing for the next bounce of the ball. All people must both pay and play, but must know when to do it. People must learn to pay first and play later. We always choose between pain and pleasure. Pain is always the process to refine your passion and purpose. Learn from hard and painful moments. Get time to cry, but don’t cry forever. Take time to list all lessons in hard times. Tony Robbins says, when we win we party, but when we lose we ponder. Learn to make the best out of hard times.

Jonah Nyoni is an author, success coach and certified leadership/business trainer. He is the author of Inspiration for Success and Success Within Reach.