SOUTH AFRICA-BASED urban grooves crooner TK Hollun has vowed to keep the music genre alive and spread the beat across the globe.

Born Tendekayi Mushekwi, TK Hollun will on Saturday release his sixth album titled Blood Pressure in Durban, South Africa where he has been based for over a decade.

The artiste, famed for the song Ndafunga Kure, said the December 7 launch would include a live band performance alongside various established and up-and-coming artistes.”

In September, TK Hollun dropped a single with the same title which was a precursor to the 12-track offering.

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Recorded at TK Hollun’s studio — Shakestone Records in Durban — Blood Pressure consists of heart-touching love songs as well as tracks that relate to the artiste’s life experiences.

“Blood Pressure is a love song that describes the pain of not having the one you love by your side,” he said.

“Other songs on the album include Ndafunga Kumba, Ndinokuda, Holy Ghost, Denga, Ready, Turn Up, Heavy Party, BOM (Based On Money) and On Fire to mention just a few.”

Blood Pressure is doing well on local radio stations, especially on Radio Zimbabwe where it entered the charts. The single is also accompanied by a video.

“The idea of releasing a forerunner single was to hype the album and test the waters. It is doing well and this is good news as I prepare to release my sixth album,” TK Hollun said
Urban grooves became popular around the year 2000 when the government came up a deliberate policy to promote local arts by enforcing a 75% threshold for broadcasting local content on national media.

On the album, which was produced by Nigerian Capt Blu and James Adams of the Chitsidzo fame, TK Hollun features young Zimbabwean rapper Swiss Blizzle on the track Heavy Party and Capt Blu and Zimbabwean King Asali feature on the track Turn Up. Adams, who has been in South Africa for some time, is featured on the track Mukuru.

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