HARARE medical doctor, Christine Peta recently won a protracted legal wrangle with city businessman Shepherd Katurudza who grabbed her double-storey Borrowdale house, but the latter has taken the matter to the Supreme Court on appeal.

Katurudza, according to court papers, had been leasing the house from Peta for US$2 000 per month since 2013 before she went to South Africa to further her medical studies.

During her absence, the businessman fraudulently took over ownership of the house under the guise that they had entered into a rent-to-buy agreement.

When Peta returned to settle in the country last year, Katurudza refused to vacate her property, arguing that she had sold it to him.

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The matter then spilled into the High Court where Justice David Mangota ruled in Peta’s favour.

“Whereupon, after reading documents filed on record, and hearing counsel; it is ordered that eviction of the respondent and all those claiming occupation through him from Stand No 152 Port Glen Road, Ryelands, Borrowdale, Harare. Payment of $4 000 as arrears for the month of April 2019 and May 2019. Payment of $3 250 being arrear rates and water bills. Holding over damages $2 000 per month from June 2019 to the date the respondent is evicted. The respondent be and is hereby ordered to pay costs on an attorney and client basis,” Mangota ordered.

After winning the matter at the High Court, Peta sought the services of the Sheriff of the High Court to evict Katurudza who was served with notices of seizure and ejectment dated November 19.

Katurudza then appealed against the ruling at the Supreme Court through his lawyers, Farai Nyamayaro Law Chambers under case number SC620/19 and the matter is still to be set down for hearing.